16 thoughts on “0919-18 NY Times Crossword 19 Sep 18, Wednesday”

  1. 7:09, no errors. My Jewish exes (wife and inlaws) provided much of the required knowledge base for this one … 😜.

  2. 19:01. I was in the dark on a few of the expressions and had to get them completely by crosses – e.g. TCHOTCHKE was completely unknown to me. Ones that I knew, I had spelling issues. Just about had to get all the theme answers via crosses.

    A shout out to the RICE Univ. reference where I went to undergrad. They could have clued RICE as the food, but they chose wisely.

    Best –

  3. Puzzle comes 5 weeks later in Montreal Gazette. V in “varklempt” is from the German. Transliteration from Yiddish requires an “f.” Check with YIVO/Library of Congress system.

  4. Fairly easy for a Wednesday, having some Yiddish knowledge. However, I must take issue with the clue “Jeez” (47A) for Oy Gevalt. Jeez is an informal short form of Jesus, and I suggest that Jesus is not an expression one would likely hear from a Jewish person. There are many more appropriate clues for Oy Gevalt.

  5. Two errors in tchotchke. I think it is a bit rediculous to have to speak Yiddish to complete a puzzle. But then again it is Jeff Chen sooooo……

  6. 9:03, no errors. Growing up in New York City helped a lot with the Yiddish phrases, but, although familiar with the word, I was completely in the dark about how to spell TCHOTCHKE.

    I like the word CHUTZPAH. It was once defined to me as: a man, on trial for murdering both parents, asks for leniency because he is an orphan.

    Tripped up by the spelling of 53A MEGILLA. I remember a cartoon show in the 60’s called Magilla Gorilla.

  7. I had no errors but I was anxious to come to this site to see if I had missed anything. In other words, I had doubts about some of my answers. Out of all the Yiddish words we use in American English, I thought that these six were in the category of the least common. Nevertheless, Yiddish does hold an interest for me. It is a language that I would like to know more about.

  8. Surprisingly easy, once seeing the gimmick, which came early. Enjoyed it. (I’d insert something witty in Yiddish here if I really knew the language.)

  9. Times puzzle comes to Honolulu Star Advertiser about a month later. This one really fun, thanks to Jeff and Scot. Cheered me up! Is a Schnauzer a Jewish dog, by any chance
    Aloha to all.

  10. Hum…Wonder if the fact I just happened to be listening to Itzhak Perlman’s Klezmer CD helped, ’cause this seemed a bit easy for a Wednesday.

  11. about 15 minutes no errors incredibly. I know some Yiddish words and they usually have a few different variant spellings. Luckily I had the CHUTZPAH to slog through this one and have a SCHMALTZY ending …..

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