13 thoughts on “0920-19 NY Times Crossword 20 Sep 19, Friday”

  1. 25:37, no errors. Had quite a bit of trouble with this one … 😳 … but I finally had all the necessary “aha moments” … 😜.

  2. 32:01. Tough one. My first 2 passes through the clues netted me about 4 squared filled in. Tricky cluing + a lot of things I don’t know = a tough time, but I was able to finish.

    I guess I frequently dress in ATHLEISURE attire. Now I know there’s a name for it…but not yoga pants.

    Interesting distinction between ASSAULT and battery that I was not aware of.

    Best –

  3. Agree with the others. It was a slog but got through it. 56A doesn’t deserve an explanation?

    1. The picaresque novel is a genre of prose fiction that depicts the adventures of a roguish, but “appealing hero”, of low social class, who lives by his wits in a corrupt society. Picaresque novels typically adopt a realistic style, with elements of comedy and satire

  4. One hour flat with one error….in all the time I have been doing crosswords this is the first time that 9D was spelled ENESCU ……it has always been ENESCO . I guess whatever it takes

  5. I enjoyed this as it kept me on edge the entire way. I’d love to say “no errors” but I had PENO/DONCE as my paper had a blank space for 19A,
    therefore no reference to 18A. Thought DONCE might be foreign for blank or zero, etc. and PENO seemed to fit. I’m calling foul on the Pioneer Press!

  6. 32:27, no errors. Agree that this was tough test. Took a while to untangle the mess created by guessing ‘dry rot’ in 24A before ICY HOT. Also had to go down the thought path on 20A Batteries: starting with electrical storage devices & artillery emplacements; before thinking of ASSAULT and battery. So sneaking up behind someone and hitting them over the head is battery, but not assault.

  7. Really happy to escape with no errors. Lots of things I didn’t know but got through crosses and educated guesses. Great Friday test. Probably took a little under an hour.

  8. A couple of key errors in the North: Not Mme. but EVE CURIE, and wanted some kind of battery cells instead of ASSAULT.

  9. Spent over an hour on this brain busting beauty. No errors!
    Learned some new stuff mostly due to the insightful comments by Bill and his disciples.
    I deserve a refund…
    ‘cause my mind was overtaxed.

  10. 1:08:34, 1 error. Primarily due to my drowsiness, didn’t get much for the first 40 minutes of it. Was pretty brain-dead on a lot of this for some reason.

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