0914-19 NY Times Crossword 14 Sep 19, Saturday

Constructed by: Peter A. Collins
Edited by: Will Shortz

Today’s Theme: None

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Bill’s time: Did not solve!

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Apologies for this tardy and abbreviated post. My wife and I are on a road trip in Southern California with my brother from Ireland. Visiting just got in the way of solving. I’ll get to the puzzle and write up just as soon as I can in the coming days.


Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Picked up a split, e.g. : SPARED
7 Fop’s accessory : CRAVAT
13 Word appearing twice in a Shakespeare title : MEASURE
14 Break from the rat race : ME TIME
15 One of 23 for Matt Stairs (an M.L.B. record) : PINCH-HIT HOME RUN
17 Finishing a sentence, say : IN STIR
18 What the Ponte Vecchio spans : ARNO
19 Frisky grp.? : TSA
20 See 12-Down : LEASE
21 Golfer’s concern : LIE
22 Where Joan of Arc was held captive : ROUEN
24 Prints and such : ART
25 Cambodian bread : RIEL
27 Like G-rated vis-à-vis PG-13 and R-rated language : TAMEST
28 Shadow : TAIL
30 Abhors : DESPISES
32 “My God!,” to Jesus : ELOI!
33 In base eight : OCTAL
34 Sharp remark : GIBE
37 Evidence of a past hanging : NAIL HOLE
39 Breathless : AGOG
40 Puts away quickly, in a way : SNARFS
42 “Beware the ___ of a patient man”: Dryden : FURY
44 Word found three times in the unofficial U.S. Postal Service motto : NOR
45 Home to the Woody Guthrie Center : TULSA
46 Citation provider : COP
47 Excel spreadsheet function : EDATE
49 ___ supra (Latin phrase in a scholarly paper) : UBI
50 Work the soil : TILL
52 Biggie in the rap business : SMALLS
53 They help drivers get rid of their slices : PIZZA DELIVERIES
56 Repeated chant in “Hot Hot Hot” : OLE OLE!
57 Employment opportunity : OPENING
58 Fix a flat? : RESOLE
59 On the decline : WANING


2 Things that are sometimes brokered : PACTS
3 More gray-tinted : ASHIER
4 European coal center : RUHR
5 Form of the Italian “to be” : ERI
6 “More info will be coming” : DETAILS TO FOLLOW
7 “What are you waiting for?!” : C’MON!
8 Fish with a symbiotic relationship with sharks : REMORAS
9 Enjoyed, in a way : ATE
10 Sharing of a moral viewpoint to gain social approval : VIRTUE SIGNALING
11 Keeps distracted : AMUSES
12 One with a 20-Across : TENANT
13 What an anemic person might lack : MINERAL
15 “Ecce homo” speaker : PILATE
16 Old Eur. domain : HRE
21 Little sucker : LEECH
23 Symbol of angular velocity : OMEGA
26 Loved ones : IDOLS
27 One laying down on the job? : TILER
29 Ones needing a good memory, it’s said : LIARS
31 Get cozy (with) : PAL UP
35 Pirate : BOOTLEG
36 Way out : EGRESS
38 “… or possibly not even that” : … IF AT ALL
40 Narcotized condition : STUPOR
41 Marriageable, quaintly : NUBILE
43 Certain Middle Easterner : YEMENI
46 A.L. Central team : CLE
48 Bobby in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame : DARIN
51 ___ fixe : IDEE
52 “Frozen” reindeer : SVEN
54 Chaotic situation : ZOO
55 Hoppy medium, for short? : IPA

11 thoughts on “0914-19 NY Times Crossword 14 Sep 19, Saturday”

  1. 36:07. Tough one but enjoyable. I looked it up after I solved the puzzle, and ELOI is “God” in Aramaic. Did not know that. Never thought of NUBILE to mean marraigeable, but apparently it comes from the same word as “nuptial” so what do I know?

    Best –

  2. Good puzzle. Took about 45 minutes while watching the news and drinking an extra cup of coffee. Had a bit of a bag on this AM!

  3. 1:11:34 no errors….I had to look up Matt Stairs as I never even heard of the Canadian baseball league…as I have said before I think clues like 20A & 12D are very unfair as are a host of foreign words and phrases but most of you seem to fly through all the Latin,Greek,German,Spanish,French,etc so I guess it’s just me

  4. Fun Saturday puzzle for those of us who finished it with a minimum (two, in this case) of look-ups (i.e., cheats).

  5. 24:36. Matt Stairs was one of my favorite players. Every team wanted him if they were headed to the playoffs. He was Mr. Clutch, and delivered some of the most decisive homers in baseball history.

  6. 23:32, no errors. Very difficult to get a start on this one, for me. Eventually clawed my way through.

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