11 thoughts on “1118-20 NY Times Crossword 18 Nov 20, Wednesday”

  1. 11:08 Got the theme early – just wasn’t sure if it would be a rebus or not since it’s not Thurs. Would a single P suffice? But I put in PP anyway.

    I was also at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame about 7 years ago. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Only museum I have ever spent the entire day at.

  2. 9:28, no errors. It did seem rather odd to have the positions of the rebuses indicated by circles, but I guess it is because this is Wednesday. Good puzzle, in any case.

    I’ve been doing puzzles that Trudeau posts on his web site on Sunday for some time now:


    They’re very enjoyable (though usually a bit easier than the ones with his byline in the NYT and elsewhere) and he often has a collaborator (frequently Amanda Rafkin, for that matter). An interesting fellow …

  3. 10:21. Got a fast start in this one with CREVE Coeur. I went to high school in Ladue, MO which is more or less adjacent to CREVE Coeur. Both are suburbs of St. Louis.

    I got the theme right away thanks to the Duracell commercials drummed into my head.

    Bill’s time coming in at 20 minutes? It reminds me of watching Tiger Woods take a 10 on a par 3 at The Masters over the weekend. Nice to know it can happen to anyone.

    I flipped a coin for OVATE vs OVOID. I guess OVATE is egg like, and OVOID is oval like. 3 dimensional vs 2 dimensional I guess right? Wrong. I also saw the definition of OVOID as a 3 dimensional version of an oval. So OVATE is egglike and OVOID is oval like in whatever dimension. OVATE is also OVOID-like. My head hurts now.

    Best –

    1. Yeah, I went back and checked the time in my solving app. I’m not sure where the 20-minute solve time came from. I can be very slow, but not this time. It must have been left over from an old writeup. Anyway, the correct time is in there now. I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone, because I am aware that some people use my time as some kind of benchmark. Hence, the correction.

  4. 13:11, no errors. Got the theme early as well. So, a little rebus on Wednesday. What will Thursday have in store for us? 🤪

  5. 17:42 no errors…seemed a bit easier than Monday and Tuesday to me…when I read Jeff’s comments I thought for a minute that this would be the day to remember but then Bills reply brought me back to earth.
    After finishing this one I looked up 4A and with a population of 12,000 I wonder how many got that one without relying on crosses.
    Stay safe😀
    Go Ravens 🙏 and I never thought I would ever say this but GO STEELERS

  6. On my screen the square where 54-down and 57-across meet had
    only one “P” in the circle. The other circles had two.

  7. 9:56, 4 errors by omission. After stopping the timer on my phone, and coming here, I discovered I left squares 41 and 44 blank. One of the pitfalls of ‘pencil and paper’ solving.

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