1025-19 NY Times Crossword 25 Oct 19, Friday

Constructed by: John Guzzetta
Edited by: Will Shortz

Today’s Theme: None

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Bill’s time: 9m 19s

Bill’s errors: 0

Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies

My wife and I moved away from our kids a few months ago, into our “forever” home. We have the whole family together right now, for the first time since that move. As such, I was only able to slip away for a short while, solve the puzzle, and write up this abbreviated post. I’ll get to the full post just as soon as I can.

Thank you for your understanding,


Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Reaction to being sent to the principal’s office, say : [GULP!]
5 Cartoon cat : TOM
8 City name in both East and West Coast states : SALEM
13 After weighing both sides : ON BALANCE
16 Amazon guide? : ALEXA
17 Question suggesting “Beats me!” : WHO CAN SAY?
18 Gaudiness : GLITZ
19 Logic game with matchsticks : NIM
20 Reach a point of diminishing returns : PLATEAU
22 Take a shot : TRY
23 Eponym of a cathedral in Red Square : ST BASIL
25 Cosmic law and order in Buddhism : DHARMA
27 It may be set in stone : RUNE
28 Small colored feature of the body : AREOLA
30 “Ma-a-aybe” : IT DEPENDS
35 Some nerve? : OPTIC
36 What Scarlett saved : TARA
37 “___ on!” (“Come and get it!”) : SOUPS
39 Elevate : LIFT
40 Chilly day accessory : SCARF
42 “Seriously?” : WHAT GIVES?
44 Smoothie starter : YOGURT
46 North-flowing river : NILE
47 “Mmmmmmm!” : SO GOOD!
49 ___ in (enclosed, as a porch) : GLASSED
53 Fire : CAN
54 Sheltered, as stock : STABLED
56 Kind of cross : TAU
57 Bulletin : ALERT
59 Painfully obvious : WRIT LARGE
61 Fuzzy : VAGUE
62 Trip that no one wants to take : NASTY FALL
63 Defeated, but barely : EDGED
64 Howe’er : THO’
65 Weeks off : BYES


1 Prom wear : GOWNS
2 Coming through without a scratch : UNHIT
3 Something that might be “dropped” prematurely in a relationship, in slang : L BOMB
4 Vote-swaying org. : PAC
5 They usually come with bikinis : TAN LINES
6 “Get it while it’s hot!” : ON SALE NOW!
7 Chem major’s exam, perhaps : MCAT
8 Its blossom is the state flower of Arizona : SAGUARO
9 Without exception : ALL
10 Recurrent musical theme : LEIT MOTIV
11 1-up, in gaming : EXTRA LIFE
12 Labyrinthine : MAZY
14 Greedily consumes : LAPS UP
15 Checked out : EYED
21 “But of course!” : AHA!
24 It doesn’t go wall-to-wall : AREA RUG
26 Fields questions, say : REPLIES
29 Follower of John : ACTS
30 Small, informally : ITSY
31 Tex-Mex dish sometimes served with southwest dressing : TACO SALAD
32 Object of some fantasy quests : DRAGON EGG
33 “Of course … my bad!” : DUH!
34 The lyrics of “Livin’ la Vida Loca,” e.g. : SPANGLISH
38 Weapon with an Italian name : STILETTO
41 Descriptive of some flakes and hair : FROSTED
43 “My pleasure!” : GLADLY
45 Kid : TOT
48 Starting time for an attack : DAWN
50 Go afield : STRAY
51 Two under : EAGLE
52 Goes mano a mano (with) : DUELS
53 Spelunk : CAVE
55 Angel’s opposite : BRAT
58 “The Murders in the ___ Morgue” : RUE
60 Eglin or MacDill: Abbr. : AFB

13 thoughts on “1025-19 NY Times Crossword 25 Oct 19, Friday”

  1. 24:11. A few snags but not too terrible. I’ll admit that LBOMB was new to me although I knew what it meant the second I saw it. The spelling of LEIT MOTIV threw me (MOTIf) until I knew it had to be with a “V” from crosses. Been inside of ST BASIL’s Cathedral. Pretty spectacular on the outside. Inside is actually very plain. Each onion dome is a separate room that feels like a silo looking up to the dome.

    Best –

  2. Was able to cruise today, somewhat of a rarity for Friday. Amazing what one can pull out of the cobwebs; SPANGLISH, DHARMA, etc.

  3. In Spanish “mano” means “hand” so “mano a mano” translates to “hand to hand” not “man to man.” A common miss usage and a pet peeve of mine.

  4. 22 minutes even. A good time for me for a Friday. Off to Bonaire for 2 weeks of diving tonight. Crosswords will have to wait.

  5. 37:28. Had to start in Southwest as northwest had me bluffed, but circled around and finished with no errors. A few months ago a puzzler swore he was done with nyt puzzles, and I suspect I was not the only one who rejoiced. He’s brought his standard snidely remarks back. One of the things I’m grateful for is that I’m not Mrs A.D. just sayin’.

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