9 thoughts on “0815-19 NY Times Crossword 15 Aug 19, Thursday”

  1. 14:17, no errors. (Not that it matters, but my time was probably a little better than that: I was interrupted three times while doing the puzzle and had to settle for a “no-longer-than” estimate.)

  2. 42:05 with one error….I ended 34D with an O….just another foreign phrase I did not know….one day someone is going to construct a puzzle without one foreign word or phrase. NOT

  3. 22:16, no errors. Overly complex, invisible and essentially irrelevant theme. Have never heard the term OCEANAUT before, even after 35 years working as an engineer, for NAVSEA, primarily on submarines. Have heard ‘aquanaut’, usually in connection with private researchers, such as Jacques Cousteau; but never OCEANAUT.

    A minor nit with @Bill’s definition of OCEANAUT: the proper term for “a diver who spends extended periods in an underwater habitat, without returning to the surface” is ‘drowned’. One would hope that they will always return to the surface.

    Wholeheartedly agree with @Jack regarding foreign words or phrases in English puzzles. However, I have more of an issue with 12D MESDAMES, which is not in common English usage. NOTA BENE has been adopted into English usage, similar to E.I., E.G., Q.E.D., ETC; although not as familiarly.

  4. I think the term “bangs” refers to the way of cutting the bottom of a horse’s tail straight across rather than leaving it in a natural taper (bang cut tail). The hair on the head is called a forelock (between the ears) and mane (going down the neck). So Bill’s fringe is called bangs here, i.e. cut straight across.

  5. No errors. Not too bad for a Thursday. I’ve seen worse. I went back after finishing and did find the famous names but I agree with @BruceB that they were irrelevant.

    Nice to finish my week on a happy note. I do not do the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday puzzles. I do not even allow myself to take a glance at them. If I start looking at them then I know that I will get sucked in. I really don’t stand a chance so it is best for me to avoid them completely.

  6. Always look forward to Thursday puzzles, but didn’t finish this one. Among other things, lacked the patience needed to pin down the theme.

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