12 thoughts on “0413-22 NY Times Crossword 13 Apr 22, Wednesday”

  1. 13::28, no errors, but lots of missteps, almost like a waltz. (One, two, three … one, two, three … one, two, three … 😜.)

  2. 29:32, including about 7 minutes searching for errors that didn’t exist. Apparently the menu choices ‘Reveal > Puzzle’ will end the streak, even if there are no errors.
    Impressed with the puzzle construction.

  3. 13:37, no errors. I don’t think I’ve seen ROSHAMBO in the crosswords before…but I knew the word. This one just flew smoothly for me. I like the shapes in the circled squares. Pretty neat.

  4. 20:22. I probably made this harder than it was, but what else is new? I knew the game, but I’ve never heard the name ROSHAMBO (wasn’t that a Sylvester Stallone film?)

    There’s another version of the game where your pinky is dynamite, adding a 4th option. Dynamite obliterates rock, scissors cuts dynamite’s fuse, and apparently there’s a debate whether dynamite blows paper to smithereens or if paper wraps dynamite up. Either way seems to create an imbalance. Both scissors and either paper/dynamite has 2 ways to win whereas rock and the other of paper/dynamite only would have 1 way. Maybe there are weighted victories?

    Still another version has a double scissors, but I don’t know the rules of that one.

    Best –

    1. If you’ve watched Bing Bang Theory, they also added LIZARD and SPOCK to the original three. But I don’t know the expanded precedence order.

      1. Scissors cut Paper.
        Paper covers Rock.
        Rock crushes Lizard.
        Lizard poisons Spock.
        Spock smashes Scissors.
        Scissors decapitate Lizard.
        Lizard eats Paper.
        Paper disproves Spock.
        Spock vaporizes Rock.
        Rock crushes Scissors.
        (Bet you’re sorry you asked)

  5. Was doing fine til I got to WRIT and ROSHAMBO.
    never heard WRIT LARGE used before and I definitely never heard Rock, Paper, Scissor referred to as ROSHAMBO…
    Wow, really was schooled on this one and a Tuesday to boot!!!!!

  6. Clever puzzle. Never heard of ROSHAMBO so had a choice of “b” or “m” for the ewe. Guessed wrong. Still, enjoyed the workout, although I agree with Jack that this, for me, was more of a Friday puizzle.

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