0125-10 New York Times Crossword Answers 25 Jan 10

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This is my solution to the crossword published in the New York Times today …

Completion Time: N/A (watching a movie)
Theme: PAR FOR THE COURSE. I am not sure about this one. BOGEY points to ONE over PAR, and EAGLE points to TWO UNDER PAR. I’m not sure why the TWO over PAR and ONE under PAR are included in the grid though.
Answers I missed: 0

Macbeth / McKellen, Dench (Thames Shakespeare Collection)5 A TALE: The quote comes from Act 5, Scene 5 of “Macbeth“, and is spoken by Macbeth himself.

22 BALLPARKS: Wrigley Field is home of the Chicago Cubs, and Camden Yards is home for the Baltimore Orioles.

27 STP: STP takes its name from Scientifically Treated Petroleum.

44 ALEC: Sir Alec Guinness has played many great roles over a long a distinguished career, but nowadays is best known for playing the original Obi-Wan Kenobi in “Star Wars“.

45 AEROMETER: An aerometer measures the weight and density of a gas or liquid.

Aida (2000 Original Broadway Cast)49 AIDA: Aida” the rock musical was a collaboration between Elton John (music) and Tim Rice (lyrics).

51 LOC: Loc. cit. is short for “loco citato” meaning “in the place cited”.

71 RAFT: Tom Hanks was fantastic in “Cast Away” I thought … a great film.

73 SSTS: Concordes are SuperSonic Transports.

2 ULNA: The radius and ulna are bones in the forearm.

4 GORED: A torero is another name for a matador.

Best Of Lena Horne: All Original Recordings8 LENAS: Lena Horne is an American Jazz singer, and Lena Olin is a Swedish actress.

23 LEE: Stan Lee did just about everything at Marvel Comics.

25 ALETA: Queen Aleta was the wife of Prince Valiant in the “Prince Valiant” comic strip and “The Legend of Prince Valiant” television series.

31 O’SHEA: Milo O’Shea is a great Irish character actor, who has appeared in everything from “Romeo and Juliet” to “The West Wing”.

33 SHUE: Elisabeth Shue was in “Leaving Las Vegas“, but my favorite movie with her in it is “Adventures in Babysitting“.

36 DEERE: John Deere invented the first commercially successful steel plow in 1837.

Young Frankenstein39 TERIS: Teri Garr played the beautiful Inga in “Young Frankenstein“, and Teri Hatcher appears in TV’s “Desperate Housewives“.

47 ALB: Tirana is the capital city of Albania.

56 ANKA: Paul Anka wrote the lyrics for the Sinatra hit “My Way“.

59 ARGO: Jason and the Argonauts sailed on the Argo of Greek mythology.