0123-10 New York Times Crossword Answers 23 Jan 10

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This is my solution to the crossword published in the New York Times today …

Completion Time: 49m 31s
Theme: None
Answers I missed: 2 KELSEY (KELLEY), OLLIN (OSLIN).

6 MOTT: Mott Street in Manhattan was probably named after a successful butcher and tavern owner who lived in the area.
14 ARNAZ: Desi Arnaz was of course famous for his turbulent marriage to Lucille Ball, to whom he was already married when “Cuban Pete” was made in 1946.
17 LIVIA: Livia Drusilla was the third wife of the Emperor Augustus, and a powerful woman in the Roman Empire.
18 PANATELLA: A panatella is named after the Sapanish panetela, a long slim biscuit.
26 ISABEL: Isabel Archer appears in the Henry James novel “Portrait of a Lady“. Isabel is played by Nicole Kidman in the 1996 film of the same name.
28 OZARK: The Ozark Plateau is more commonly known as simply “The Ozarks”.
33 SUVA: Suva is the capital city of Fiji, and is located on the island of Viti Levu.
46 SALAAM: Salaam is the Arabic word for “peace”.
48 ISAAC: Isaac Stern was Ukranian-born, but moved with his family to San Francisco at a very young age. A wonderful violin vituoso
56 KELSEY: On “L.A. Law“, the character Ann Kelsey was played by Jill Eikenberry.
61 ARNO: The 1966 Arno flood was the worst in centuries, resulting in deaths and destruction of priceless art treasures particularly in Florence.
63 ASSN: The AMA … the American Medical Association … and Association is a “member” of the group of words in the name, and is abbreviated to “Assn.”

2 ERIKA: Erika Christensen played the young, drug-using daughter in “Traffic“.
5 TZATZIKI: Tzatziki is a sauce based on cucumbers in yogurt.
9 TOADFISH: Toadfish, ugly blighters, use their swim-bladders to “sing”.
10 AMELIAS: Henry Fielding wrote the novel “Amelia“, and Gian carlo Menotti composed the opera “Amelia Goes to the Ball“.
29 ZETA-JONES: Welsh actress, Catherine Zeta-Jones starred as Velma Kelly in “Chicago“.
32 TESSA: Tessa Allen is a teen actress, perhaps best known for playing Hannah Hansen on NBC’s “Providence”.
41 SAMISEN: A samisen is a traditional Japanese instrument, with three strings, vaguely like a banjo.
52 OSLIN: K. T. Oslin is best known for her string of country hits in the eighties.