0111-10 New York Times Crossword Answers 11 Jan 10

This is my solution to the crossword published in the New York Times today. If you are doing the New York Times crossword in any other publication, you are working on the syndicated puzzle.

Here is a link to my answers to today’s SYNDICATED New York Times crossword.

Completion Time: 6m 24s
Theme: None
Answers I missed: 0

TODAY’S GOOGLIES (all links go to Amazon.com) …

16 OMOO: “Omoo: A Narrative of the South Seas” is Herman Melville’s auto-biographical sequel to “Typee”.
17 BRIDGE TO NOWHERE: The Gravina Island Bridge project was a $400m replacement of a ferry service to an island with about 50 residents.
20 BEDE: “Adam Bede” was the first novel written by George Eliot (aka Mary Ann Evans).
23 RHEA: Rheas are native to South America, and named after Rhea from Greek mythology.
42 TRE: Uno, due, tre … Italian.
53 OAHU: President Barack Obama was born in Honolulu, the first president from Hawaii.

1 WEBB: Jack Webb played Sergeant Joe Friday on “Dragnet” on both TV and radio … and what a voice! 
9 SRO: Standing Room Only.
10 BOHEMIA: Bohemia covers most of the Czech Republic. Centuries ago, it was wrongly believed that gypsies came from Bohemia, giving rise to the term “Bohemian” meaning a “gypsy of society”.
29 LE CAR: French auto-maker Renault made the “mini-like” Renault 5, and sold it as a Renault Le Car in North America (my Dad had a Renault 5 back in Ireland).
30 SWAMI: A swami is a religious teacher in the Hindu tradition.
31 OTTO I: Otto I the Great, ruled the Holy Roman Empire in the 10th century.
36 NESS: Eliot Ness was portrayed by Kevin Costner in “The Untouchables” (good movie).
58 POST: Post Office (PO) and post script (PS).
60 BATH: The Wife of Bath is one of the more celebrated stories from Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales”.
65 MAE: The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) is know as Fannie Mae for short.