0127-10 New York Times Crossword Answers 27 Jan 10

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Completion Time: N/A (watching a movie)
Theme: State Anagrams … e.g. TEXAS/TAXES, MAINE/ANIME
Answers I missed: 0

TODAY’S WIKI-EST, AMAZONIAN GOOGLIES (all links go to Amazon.com) …
Bed And Breakfast Ireland1 B AND B: An intimate inn (in the US) is a bed & breakfast. A bed & breakfast back in Ireland is more basic, and usually cheaper than a hotel stay.

6 GROH: David Groh played Joe Gerard on “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Rhoda“, during which his character married Rhoda.

14 IRENE: Irene Cara (as well as acting in “Fame”) sang the theme songs to both “Fame” and “Flashdance15 LOLA: Gwen Verdon played Lola in the 1958 movie “Damn Yankees“. The film was released as “What Lola Wants” in the UK, to avoid putting the word “Damn” on movie posters and cinema fronts.

SABRE Compact Pepper Spray with Pink Key Case - Supports National Breast Cancer Foundation16 MACE: Mug spray, spray for a mugger.

25 AUTOS: The LaSalle was made by GM, and the Hudson by the Hudson Motor Car Company, later absorbed into American Motors.

32 URLS: Internet addresses are Uniform Resource Locators.

33 TRU: Tru was written by Jay Presson Allen, and starred Robert Morse.

42 KNOW RYE, NEW YORK: There is a Rye City in Westchester County, and a separate Rye Town right next door.

45 ORATE: To be grandiloquent is to be bombastic or pompous. What a lovely word!

Paula Zahn: Reporting on Her Life and Her Dog (Healthy Pet, Spring 2006)46 ZAHN: Paula Zahn resigned as an anchor with CNN in 2007. She is an accomplished cellist, and has played at Carnegie Hall with the New York Pops Orchestra.

54 MAINE ANIME: Anime is animation in the style of Japanese Manga comic books.

8 OLE: Spanish bullfighting is corrida de toros literally “race of bulls”.

10 A MINOR: Fur Elise means simply “For Elise”, but sadly, no one knows who Elise was. It’s a beautiful piece of music by Beethoven, also known as Bagatelle in A Minor.

12 ACLU: The American Civil Liberties Union.

23 OTOS: The Oto tribe used to live at the mouth of the Platte River in Nebraska.

24 GAEA: The Greek goddess personifying the earth was Gaea (meaning “land” or “earth” in Greek). The Roman equivalent goddess was Terra Mater, “Mother Earth”.

Quiz Show26 DOREN: Charles Van Doren was a contestant on the fifties quiz show “Twenty One”, who admitted to receiving the answers to the questions from the show’s producers. The scandal was the basis of the 1994 movie “Quiz Show“.

38 ARAM: Aram Khachaturian was an Armenian-Russian composer, largely famous for extracts from some of his larger works, the most celebrated being the “Sabre Dance” from his ballet “Gayane“.

52 METS: Gil Hodges actually played most of his career for the Brooklyn and LA Dodgers.

55 ALE: The red triangle on the label of a bottle of Bass Ale was registered in 1875 and is UK Registered Trade Mark No: 00001.