10 thoughts on “0428-20 NY Times Crossword 28 Apr 20, Tuesday”

  1. 18:03 Would have been faster if I spelled “karat” instead of “carat”…took a bit ‘o time finding that…. sigh

  2. 17:42, no errors. Didn’t flow for me today. Hard to find a foothold. Cute puzzle though.

  3. 18:04. I was interested to see the results of others for this puzzle. For a Tuesday there seemed to be an inordinate number of clues for which I simply drew a blank. In fact the entire puzzle felt that way. The theme was easy enough; maybe that’s why this showed up on a Tuesday. Could easily have been a Wednesday puzzle.

    My only regret is that I couldn’t finish 2 seconds faster and beat Duncan’s time…

    Best –

  4. Don’t worry Jeff, it was a one day anomaly, I promise it won’t happen again 🙂

  5. No errors.. Bit tough for a Tuesday. Liked the narrative on the Twix bar. Didn’t know it came from England as a Twin Bix. Bill always seems to have something up his sleeve.

  6. 15:46, no errors. Tripped myself up with a couple of write-ographical errors. Spelled SONIA with a Y and DEJA with a V.

    TWIX bars would never become ‘old’ in our house. Chocolate and chocolate covered items are scarfed up immediately. Maybe some taffy or a Jolly Rancher.

  7. I had one letter wrong on my spelling of the film ANTZ. I put in an S instead of the Z. Nor did I notice anything amiss that would have looked wrong on TWEEZE vs. TWEESE. Dang it, kept me from a perfect score.

  8. Enjoyed this one a lot. AIN’T really familiar with FACESWAP, but it did ring a distant bell and of course was helped by crosses.

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