0113-23 NY Times Crossword 13 Jan 23, Friday

Constructed by: Brad Wiegmann
Edited by: Will Shortz

Today’s Theme (according to Bill): Ominous Answers

Shaded words in the grid depict several common omens:

  • FRIDAY the 13th
  • STEPS over a CRACK
  • Broken MIR-ROR
  • BLACK CAT crossing your PATH
  • WALKS under a LADDER

Bill’s time: 10m 25s

Bill’s errors: 0

Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies

My wife and I are in Ireland right now, for Christmas and to start off the New Year with family. I just managed to slip away to solve the puzzle, and write up this abbreviated post. I will get to the full post just as soon as I can.

Thank you for your understanding.


Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Architect of the Museum of Islamic Art : PEI
4 Shirley Bassey and Angela Lansbury, for two : DAMES
9 It can come up to your neck in the winter : SCARF
14 When the moment is right : IN DUE TIME
16 Modify : ALTER
17 Shakes a leg : STEPS ON IT
18 Prefix with media : MULTI-
19 Kooky, as a scheme : CRACKPOT
20 James ___ Award (culinary honor) : BEARD
21 Symbols of slipperiness : EELS
22 Bewildered : AT SEA
25 Actress Long : NIA
26 Parisian possessive : SES
27 Bakery chain that began as the Saint Louis Bread Co. : PANERA
29 When said three times, 2012 Taylor Swift song : STAY
30 Orbiter until 2001 : MIR
31 Streamlined type of baleen whale : RORQUAL
33 Jake’s love interest in “The Sun Also Rises” : BRETT
35 Overcooks, and then some : BURNS
36 Can opener? : LETTER C
39 Yahoo : OAF
40 Way to go : PATH
41 Puffed-up : SNOBBY
43 They get booted at the office : PCS
46 Personal pronoun in Prussia : ICH
47 Beatle who wrote and sang “Don’t Pass Me By” : STARR
48 Org. with the highest-circulating mag in the U.S. : AARP
49 Travel across the pond, perhaps : SKATE
51 “That just might work!” : NEAT IDEA
54 End of “Hedda Gabler,” e.g. : ACT IV
55 Dive boat feature : SEA LADDER
56 Shiny material in some guitars : NACRE
57 Takes steps to compete? : RACE-WALKS
58 The ___ day : OTHER
59 Result of a firing? : ASHES
60 Language suffix : -ESE


1 Last sign : PISCES
2 It may have one or two sides : ENTREE
3 Things to live up to : IDEALS
4 Something to work on : DESK
5 Crowning : ATOP
6 Resident of ancient Crete : MINOAN
7 Pollution source, say : EMITTER
8 Harden : SET
9 Carnival music : SAMBA
10 One may be left at the scene of a crime : CLUE
11 Martin Luther King Jr., for one : ATLANTAN
12 What follows certain deadlocks : RETRIALS
13 With this answer’s number, a hit horror movie franchise : FRIDAY
15 Supermarket lines, for short? : UPCS
23 Sign of a hit : SRO
24 Bit of dangly jewelry : EARBOB
27 The Panthers of the A.C.C. : PITT
28 Onetime N.B.A. star Metta Sandiford-___ : ARTEST
29 Word with crowd or channel : SURF
30 “Breaking Bad” drug : METH
32 Jetty : QUAY
33 Edgar Allan Poe story, with “The” : … BLACK CAT
34 Fix, as the roof of a hut : RETHATCH
37 Bio class subject : RNA
38 They help you focus : CORNEAS
40 Leonardo ___ (Fibonacci alias) : PISANO
42 Violate, as etiquette : BREACH
43 Instruction to a kayaker : PADDLE
44 Spots for tadpoles : CREEKS
45 Like the population of Greenland : SPARSE
47 Divide : SEVER
48 2000 Tony-winning title role for Heather Headley : AIDA
50 Lose steam : TIRE
52 Downwind : ALEE
53 Fancy marbles : TAWS
55 Spanish title: Abbr. : SRA

5 thoughts on “0113-23 NY Times Crossword 13 Jan 23, Friday”

  1. I think it would be “steps on a crack” to be consistent with the other items of bad luck. “Step on a crack, break your mother’s back.” Stepping *over* a crack would avert the bad luck.

  2. 21:19, no errors. Upper half seemed very easy for a Friday. Then came RORQUAL crossing EAR BOB; ICH crossing PISANO; entering 38D GLASSES before CORNEA. Quickly dropped to the back of the pack.

  3. 9:17, quick breezy Friday solve; I guess I had good luck with it… I presume STEPS on a CRACK is designed to match WALKS under a LADDER.

  4. 24:28. Fun Friday. I usually look forward to the themeless puzzles, but I’ll admit I liked this one. Should this have been a Thursday?

    RORQUAL was a first for me. We used to go to the St Louis Bread Company in Kirkwood (a suburb of St Louis) all the time. I couldn’t believe it when I found out PANERA Bread sprung from that little store.

    Best –

    1. As my mom (who lives in StL, where I grew up) has on many occasions told me, apparently Panera was an eastern chain with a very different business model, and when they bought out St. Louis Bread Co they liked their model a lot more and changed over.

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