10 thoughts on “1126-18 NY Times Crossword 26 Nov 18, Monday”

  1. 10:19. Amusing theme. I remember the first ESCHER I ever saw was of water flowing uphill.

    Best –

  2. 24 min. and no errors.
    A little much for a Monday (IMO). Never heard of screener DVDS.
    Who or what is Dwade? Evidently Bill doesn’t know either.

  3. @Jack—-I did not know DWADE either but it is a shortening of the name Dwyane Wade. Sometimes it may be written as D-Wade using a hyphen. Dwyane himself must like the nickname that was given to him since he uses it for his Twitter handle.

  4. No errors. Seems like Monday-level puzzles are getting a little harder here lately.

    This whole NERD business is getting a little old.

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