7 thoughts on “0220-11: New York Times Crossword Answers 20 Feb 11, Sunday”

  1. Lincoln wrote "Four score" and so did Daniel Chester French, when he created the Lincoln Memorial. It is not up to somebody with a BA in English to revise history.

  2. Hi there, anonymous visitor.

    Well, I suppose that is one interpretation … revising history. My sense having listened to the speech is that it was more of a homage.

    Thanks for stopping and taking the time to comment.

  3. wonderful puzzle! I have a question, I was 'puzzled' by clue number 39 across, reduced amount? the answer is 'qty'
    Is a quantity a 'reduced' amount, or just any amount? Also, the clue didn't suggest that it would be an abbreviation. I would have expected the clue to read 'reduced amt?' or just 'amt' – that one clue just really threw me. But I loved Barenakedladies, and especially 'PabloEsco'

  4. Hi Fran,

    Yes, it was a "wunderbar" puzzle 🙂

    I worked out the "BAR" theme quite quickly, but it took someone later to point out the "bar" represented black squares in the grid. That made it more wonderful and clever 🙂

    Re QTY
    I think the idea here is that instead of using an abbreviation in the clue to indicate the abbreviation in the answer, the setter gives us "reduced" instead. The "reduced" is the indicator of the abbreviation. So an "amount" is a "quantity" and "quantity" can be "reduced" to QTY.

    Hope that helps, and thanks for stopping by, Fran.

    PS: love your photos by the way!

  5. I think "ago" is either the fourth or the sixth word in the Gettysberg address, not the fifth as the clue asked?

  6. Thank you Bill, you completely cleared up the mystery for me! I'm just getting back into doing the NYT puzzles after decades of not doing them. IWell, you answered my question, and I'm glad you like my pix!cheers–Fran
    I enjoyed today's puzzle, too, with all the double V's.

  7. Well spotted, anonymous visitor!

    Indeed, the word "ago" is the sixth word of the Gettysburg address, so the clue is wrong. I will make a note above!

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