0208-11: New York Times Crossword Answers 8 Feb 11, Tuesday

The full solution to today’s crossword that appears in the New York Times
The full solution to today’s SYNDICATED New York Times crossword that appears in all other publications

THEME: Quick State Sayings … all of the theme answers are well-known expressions that start with an abbreviation of a US state name:



Today’s Wiki-est, Amazonian Googlies
1. ___ Sea (shrinking body of water) : ARAL
The Aral Sea is great example of how man can have a devastating effect on the environment. In the early sixties the Aral Sea covered 68,000 square miles of Central Asia. Soviet Union irrigation projects drained the lake to such an extent that today the total area is less than 7,000 square miles, with 90% of the lake now completely dry. Sad …

Peron and the Enigmas of Argentina5. Argentine strongman Perón : JUAN
Nowadays, President Juan Perón of Argentina is perhaps less well known that his second wife, Eva Perón of “Evita” fame. Juan and Eva Perón were overthrown in a military coup in 1955, although Juan Perón was returned to power in 1973, only serving for nine months before he passed away. He was succeeded in office by his third wife, Isabel Perón.

9. Kern and Hammerstein’s “Can’t Help Lovin’ ___ Man” : DAT
“Can’t Help Lovin’ Dat Man” is a great song from a great musical, “Show Boat”, by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein. Like the most famous song from the show, “Ol’ Man River”, the lyrics of “Can’t Help Lovin’ …” have given rise to controversy over the years, and more contemporary recordings use lyrics that have been “softened” so that they are less offensive.

Purdue Boilermakers Mousepad13. The Boilermakers of the N.C.A.A. : PURDUE
The Purdue Boilermakers are the athletic teams of Purdue University. The school picked up the nickname in 1891 after a football game with fellow Indiana school, Wabash College. A subsequent newspaper headline referred to Purdue as the “boiler makers”, a reference to the engineering education prevalent in Purdue at the time. And the the name stuck …

16. Proper way to behave in Biloxi? : MISS MANNERS
“Miss Manners” is the pen name of Judith Martin, a journalist and authority in the field of etiquette.

FDR19. Part of F.D.R. : DELANO
FDR was the only child of Sara Delano and James Roosevelt Sr. The Delano family history in America goes back to the pilgrim Phillippe de Lannoy, an immigrant of Flemish descent who arrived at Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621. The family name “de Lannoy” was anglicized here in the US, to “Delano”.

23. Evaluation in Eugene? : ORE ASSAY
Eugene Franklin Skinner built his first cabin in the area now called Eugene in 1846. The cabin became a trading post and then a post office, by which point the surrounding settlement had became known as Skinner’s Mudhole. Skinner founded the city to which he gave his name, in 1862.

25. Lake named for an Indian tribe : ERIE
Lake Erie is the second smallest of the Great Lakes (after Lake Ontario). The lake takes its name from the Erie tribe of Native Americans that used to live along its southern shore. Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes, something for which nearby residents must be quite grateful. Being relatively shallow, Erie freezes over part way through most winters putting an end to the lake effect snow that falls in the snow belt extending from the lake’s edge.

30. Austria’s ___ Family Singers : TRAPP
“The Sound of Music” is a Rogers and Hammerstein musical, made into a celebrated movie in 1965 starring Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer. The musical is based on “The Story of the Trapp Family Singers”, a memoir by Maria von Trapp. The von Trapp family ended up in Stowe, Vermont after the war, and it just so happens that one family descended from the Vermont von Trapps lives here in the same town in which I live in California.

1972 Kent Cigarette Large Pack Print Ad (11349)31. Lorillard company smokes : KENTS
“Readers Digest” published an exposé article in 1952 called “Cancer in the Carton”, creating a scare among cigarette smokers. In response, tobacco manufacturers introduced cigarettes with filters, creating the impression that this would mitigate the harmful effects of smoking. One of the new brands was Kent, which had a much-touted “Micronite filter”. However, in 1956 it was revealed that Kent cigarettes were made with carcinogenic blue asbestos in the filter, so there was a quick reformulation and a replacement with charcoal. The Kent brand is named after Herbert Kent, a former executive of the Lorillard Tobacco Company.

42. Member of the familia : NENE
“Nene” is the Spanish word for a male baby.

Theodor SEUSS Geisel (Lives and Legacies)43. Dr. of children’s books : SEUSS
Dr. Seuss’s real name was Theodor Seuss Geisel, and Dr. Seuss is simply a pen name. Geisel was commander of the Animation Department of the USAF during WWII. He was behind many propaganda films including “Our Job in Japan”. “Our Job in Japan” was used as a basis for “Design for Death”, a study of Japanese culture released in 1947, and winner of an Oscar for best Documentary Feature.

44. “Take a number” place : DELI
The word “delicatessen” came into English from the German “Delikatessen” meaning delicious (delikat-) to eat (essen).

49. ___ d’ : MAITRE
The full name of a maitre d’ is “maitre d’hotel”, which means “master of the hotel”.

56. Vietnamese New Year : TET
The full name for the new year holiday in Vietnam is Tet Nguyen Dan, meaning “Feast of the First Morning”. Tet usually falls on the same day as Chinese New Year.

Book of the Akita57. Japanese dogs : AKITAS
The Akita breed of dog is named for its point of origin, the Akita Prefecture in Japan. When Helen Keller visited the Akita Prefecture in 1937, she asked for and was given an Akita breed of dog, with the name of Kamikaze-go. Sadly, the dog died within a year, from distemper. The following year the Japanese government officially presented Keller with a replacement dog. Supposedly Keller’s dog’s were the first members of the breed to be introduced into the US.

Ernie Els Autographed/Hand Signed Golf 8x10 Photo59. Ernie of the P.G.A. : ELS
Ernie Els is a South African golfer. He’s a big guy, but he has an easy, fluid golf swing that has earned him the nickname “The Big Easy”. Els has a child who suffers from autism, and he has been very effective raising money for charities that focus on the condition.

60. Northern French river : YSER
The Yser originates in northern France and flows though Belgium into the North Sea. The Yser name is oft associated with WWI as it figured in a major battle early in the conflict. In the first three months of the war, the German Army pushed almost completely through Belgium, inflicting heavy losses on the Belgian Army as the defenders were forced to fight a fast-moving rearguard action. The Germans were intent on pushing right through Belgium, across France in a “race to the sea”. But the Belgians, with the help of its Allies, decided to make a final stand at the Yser Canal in an effort to prevent the Germans reaching the French ports of Calais and Dunkirk. The 22-mile long defensive line was chosen at the Yser because the river and canal system could be flooded to create a barrier that might be defended. The plan was successful, and the front was “stabilized”. As we now know, millions of lives were lost over the coming years with very little movement of that battle line.

1. Something a push-up exercises : ARM
We call a “push up” a “press up” over in Ireland. Something else to confuse me …

Complete Columbia Singles2. Paul Revere’s bandmates in 1960s-’70s music : RAIDERS
Paul Revere and the Raiders is an rock band that has its roots in Boise, Idaho. The band took its name from organ player Paul Revere (born Paul Revere Dick), and had a string of hits in the US in the late sixties and early seventies. Their biggest seller was “Indian Reservation” from 1971. The song tells of one of the darkest episodes in American history, namely the forced relocation of the Cherokee Nation from the southeast of the United States to lands west of the Mississippi, and the tragic loss of life on “The Trail of Tears”.

3. Once-common pesticide component : ARSENIC
Because of arsenic’s toxicity it was very commonly used in pesticides. These compounds are getting banned over time, but it seems there is a long way to go. Arsenic in aquifers continues to be a problem around the world, including here in the US. China has introduced limits to the amounts of arsenic permitted in food as well as water, mainly as the staple food of rice is particularly good at accumulating arsenic from ground water.

LESLIE HOWARD 20X24 B&W PHOTO4. Howard of “Gone With the Wind” : LESLIE
English actor Leslie Howard’s most famous role was Ashley Wilkes in the 1939 movie “Gone With the Wind”. Howard was very active in WWII, acting in and producing anti-Nazi propaganda films. Howard was on a commercial flight that was shot down in 1942 by Luftwaffe aircraft. Because of Howard’s significant role in the war effort, conspiracy theorists to this day believe that Howard was the sole target in the attack.

Signed Page, Ellen 8x10 Photo5. 2007 Ellen Page title role : JUNO
“Juno” is a great comedy-drama released in 2007 that tells the story of a spunky teenager (played by Ellen Page) who is faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The film won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. The relatively low-budget movie earned back its initial budget in the first day of its full release to the public. Low-budget blockbuster; my kind of movie …

7. Commercial suffix with Power : -ADE
Powerade is one of those sports drinks, the only real competitor to Gatorade. Pepsi  produces Gatorade, so in 1988 Coke introduced Powerade as a competing brand. I really do question the value of these hyped up beverages …

13. First woman, in Greek myth : PANDORA
In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman. Pandora is famous for the story of “Pandora’s Box”. In actual fact, the story should be about Pandora’s “Jar”, as a 16th-century error in translation created the “box” out of the “jar”.

Mae West Signed Autographed Reprint Photo 8x10 #117. West with the autobiography “Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It” : MAE
Mae West was always pushing the envelope when it came to the “sexy” side of show business, even in her early days in Vaudeville. One of the early plays in which she starred on Broadway was called “Sex”, something she penned herself. The show was a sell out, but city officials had it raided and West found herself spending ten days in jail after being convicted of “corrupting the morals of youth”. She went into the movies in 1932, already 38 years old. West used her experience writing plays to rewrite much of the material she was given, and so really was totally responsible for her own success and on-screen appeal.

Arthur Ashe: Citizen of the World [VHS]21. Arthur in the International Tennis Hall of Fame : ASHE
Arthur Ashe was a professional tennis player from Richmond, Virginia. In his youth he found himself having to travel great distances to play against Caucasian opponents due to the segregation that still existed in his home state. He was rewarded for his dedication by being selected for the 1963 US Davis Cup team, the first African America player to be so honored. He continued to run into trouble because of his ethnicity though, and in 1968 was denied entry into South Africa to play in the South African Open. In 1979 Ashe suffered a heart attack and had bypass surgery, with follow up surgery four years later during which he contracted HIV from blood transfusions. Ashe passed away in 1993, due to complications from AIDS.

23. The father of songs, according to Pindar : ORPHEUS
Orpheus is a figure from Greek mythology, very often associated with poetry, singing, music and the lyre in particular. In ancient Greece there was even an Orphic cult that in effect adopted the poetry ascribed to Orpheus as central to the cult’s belief system. The adjectives “Orphic” and “Orphean” describe things pertaining to Orpheus, and because of his romantic, musical bent, the term has come to describe anything melodious or enchanting.

TWA : An Airline and Its Aircraft30. “You’re going to like us. ___” (1980s slogan) : TWA
Trans World Airlines was a big carrier in the US, but was perhaps even more recognized for its extensive presence in Europe and the Middle East. For many years, especially after the collapse of Pan-Am, TWA was considered the unofficial flag carrier for the US. The company started in 1930, the product of a forced merger of Transcontinental Air Transport and Western Air Express. The Transcontinental and Western Air that resulted (the original TWA) was what the Postmaster General wanted, a bigger airline to which the Postal Service could award airmail contracts.

37. Eye of ___ (witch’s item) : NEWT
The witches in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” have some lovely lines as they cast a spell:

Eye of newt, and toe of frog,
Wool of bat, and tongue of dog,
Adder’s fork, and blind-worm’s sting,
Lizard’s leg, and howlet’s wing,–
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth boil and bubble.

40. Kind of religion, in song : OLD-TIME
“(Give Me That) Old-Time Religion” is an old Gospel song that dates back at least to 1873.

41. Member of the familia : TIO
Tia is the Spanish word for aunt, and tio is the word for uncle.

Dionne44. Singer Warwick : DIONNE
Dionne Warwick is is a very, very successful singer, with more Top 100 hits than any other female vocalist other than Aretha Franklin. Warwick has a pretty successful cousin too … Whitney Houston …

Irma La Douce46. “___ la Douce” : IRMA
“Irma la Douce” is a wonderful Billy Wilder movie released in 1963. It stars Jack Lemmon and Shirley MacLaine. Lemmon plays a maligned Parisian policeman, and MacLaine is the popular prostitute, Irma la Douce (literally “Irma the Sweet”). Don’t let the adult themes throw you, it’s a very entertaining movie …

50. Sirius, e.g. : STAR
When you look up at the night sky, the brightest star you can see is Sirius. It appears so bright to us because it is relatively close to the Earth. Sirius is commonly known as the “Dog Star”, because it can be seen in the constellation Canis Major, the “Big Dog”.

54. ___-Julie, Que. : STE
Sainte-Julie is a suburb of Montreal, Quebec.

55. Pro ___ : TEM
Pro tempore can be abbreviated to “pro tem” or “p.t.” It is a Latin phrase which best translates as “for the time being”. It is used to describe a person who is acting for another, usually a superior.

For the sake of completion, here is a full listing of all the answers:
1. ___ Sea (shrinking body of water) : ARAL
5. Argentine strongman Perón : JUAN
9. Kern and Hammerstein’s “Can’t Help Lovin’ ___ Man” : DAT
12. Like no-hitters : RARE
13. The Boilermakers of the N.C.A.A. : PURDUE
15. Slugger’s stat : RBI
16. Proper way to behave in Biloxi? : MISS MANNERS
18. “My lips ___ sealed” : ARE
19. Part of F.D.R. : DELANO
20. Put on, as plays : STAGED
22. Said no to : DENIED
23. Evaluation in Eugene? : ORE ASSAY
25. Lake named for an Indian tribe : ERIE
26. Fiends : OGRES
28. Where runs may be made : HOSE
29. “Get out” key: Abbr. : ESC
30. Austria’s ___ Family Singers : TRAPP
31. Lorillard company smokes : KENTS
32. Syncopated piano piece for Seattle residents? : WASHRAG
34. Political convention locale : ARENA
38. Menial sorts : PEONS
39. What the best hand may get you : POT
42. Member of the familia : NENE
43. Dr. of children’s books : SEUSS
44. “Take a number” place : DELI
45. Chicago balloonists’ needs? : ILL WINDS
47. Freak : WEIRDO
49. ___ d’ : MAITRE
50. Get started : SET OUT
51. Six-pack set : ABS
52. Commuter trains in Boston? : MASS TRANSIT
56. Vietnamese New Year : TET
57. Japanese dogs : AKITAS
58. Identify : NAME
59. Ernie of the P.G.A. : ELS
60. Northern French river : YSER
61. Kind of sch. : ELEM

1. Something a push-up exercises : ARM
2. Paul Revere’s bandmates in 1960s-’70s music : RAIDERS
3. Once-common pesticide component : ARSENIC
4. Howard of “Gone With the Wind” : LESLIE
5. 2007 Ellen Page title role : JUNO
6. Gravesite sight : URN
7. Commercial suffix with Power : -ADE
8. Clinic staff : NURSES
9. Never seems to end : DRAGS ON
10. Side by side : ABREAST
11. Adds color to, in a way : TIE-DYES
13. First woman, in Greek myth : PANDORA
14. This: Sp. : ESTA
17. West with the autobiography “Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It” : MAE
21. Arthur in the International Tennis Hall of Fame : ASHE
22. Poor mark : DEE
23. The father of songs, according to Pindar : ORPHEUS
24. Not originals : REPROS
27. Said in horror, say : GASPED
30. “You’re going to like us. ___” (1980s slogan) : TWA
31. Metric weights: Abbr. : KGS
33. Key’s contents : ANSWERS
34. Put into cartoon form : ANIMATE
35. Put a new tag on : RELABEL
36. Joins up : ENLISTS
37. Eye of ___ (witch’s item) : NEWT
39. Careful reading : PERUSAL
40. Kind of religion, in song : OLD-TIME
41. Member of the familia : TIO
43. Underhanded : SNEAKY
44. Singer Warwick : DIONNE
46. “___ la Douce” : IRMA
48. Pilot’s datum: Abbr. : ETA
50. Sirius, e.g. : STAR
53. Member of the family, for short : SIS
54. ___-Julie, Que. : STE
55. Pro ___ : TEM

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