0120-23 NY Times Crossword 20 Jan 23, Friday

Constructed by: Robert S. Greenfield
Edited by: Will Shortz

Today’s Theme: None

Bill’s time: 9m 25s

Bill’s errors: 0

Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies

My wife and I are in Ireland right now, starting off the New Year with family. I just managed to slip away to solve the puzzle, and write up this abbreviated post. I will get to the full post just as soon as I can.

Thank you for your understanding.


Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 It can cover all the bases : TARP
5 Rocks out? : CRAGS
10 Picks : OPTS
14 On the safe side, at sea : ALEE
15 Tom ___, consigliere in “The Godfather” : HAGEN
16 Choice in a slumber party game : DARE
17 Apologetic comment from a dinner guest : HATE TO EAT AND RUN
20 Lined up : IN A ROW
21 Comebacks : RIPOSTES
22 Foul-smelling : NOISOME
24 One using a bib, maybe : TOT
25 Promising reply : I DO
26 Public house : INN
27 ___ support : TECH
29 Organization with a strong track record? : NASCAR
31 Grain stores : SILOS
33 Take off in a hurry : BOLT
34 Neologize : COIN A PHRASE
37 A message from the Pentagon might be in this : CODE
38 Unimaginative : TIRED
39 Smartphone, at times : CAMERA
41 Orange soda brand : NEHI
42 Word with tie or fly : -ROD
45 Crystal object featured in Leonardo da Vinci’s “Salvator Mundi,” the most expensive painting ever sold : ORB
46 Appendectomy sites, in brief : ORS
48 One purchasing cigars, maybe : DAD-TO-BE
50 What helps you see the big picture? : ZOOM LENS
53 Two-___ (many a sports car) : SEATER
54 Best-selling Israeli author of “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” : YUVAL NOAH HARARI
56 A Swiss Army knife has many : USES
57 Bicker : ARGUE
58 Put one’s foot down : TROD
59 Extra : PERK
60 Bee lines? : SEAMS
61 New Year’s Eve song word : SYNE


1 Hummus ingredient : TAHINI
2 Friends-and-family support group : AL-ANON
3 Don’t forget : RETAIN
4 Jury members : PEERS
5 Chinese takeout staple : CHOW MEIN
6 Hip-hop duo ___ Sremmurd : RAE
7 Petri dish medium : AGAR
8 “See?” : GET IT?
9 Easily attached, in a way : SNAP-ON
10 Things a bettor better know : ODDS
11 Quark or lepton : PARTICLE
12 “Uh-huh, you said it!” : TRUE DAT!
13 Motion detector, e.g. : SENSOR
18 Penny candy morsel since 1907 : TOOTSIE ROLL
19 “That could work!” : NOT A BAD IDEA!
23 Splashy display : ECLAT
28 Go along for the ride, say : HOP IN
30 Letters that shouldn’t be written big for air rescue (a single V or X is best) : SOS
32 Play a mean guitar, slangily : SHRED
34 Part for a balding man? : COMB-OVER
35 “Dejection” is a famous one : ODE
36 Goes over again : REHASHES
37 Party : CAROUSE
39 Get close : COZY UP
40 Grounds for a fight : ARENAS
42 Retro phone type : ROTARY
43 “Wuthering Heights” actress Merle ___ : OBERON
44 Insult : DERIDE
47 Real bore : SNORE
49 Some bakers’ wares : TARTS
51 Screen : MASK
52 It’s a long story : SAGA
55 What many air conditioners do : HUM

7 thoughts on “0120-23 NY Times Crossword 20 Jan 23, Friday”

  1. 11:49. Not a hard puzzle for me, but it took me a couple of minutes to realized I’d entered “repostes” instead of RIPOSTES.

  2. 14:42. Not hard for a Friday, but I will admit I had to get almost every letter of YUVAL NOAH HARARI via crosses. I did guess the R at the …HARARI/OBERON nexus, but it made sense there.

    Didn’t know the word NOISOME.

    Great piece in Wordplay today about this setter’s first puzzle melting. This is really a cool video especially to a guy who’s played ice hockey his entire life. Mr. Greenfield made an ice rink in his backyard in Toronto, and then….


    Best –

  3. 16:09. Pretty easy Friday. I also got the Sapiens author entirely with crosses. COMEUP before COZYUP and RUN before HUM. Onward to Saturday!

  4. 14:44, no errors. For me, an odd puzzle: the difficulty level seemed to increase smoothly from top to bottom (and I also got the author’s name entirely from crosses).

  5. 17:56, no errors. The long entries were mercifully easy, except for the authors name (as others have noted). The only letter in that entry which didn’t come from crosses was the ‘O’ in Noah.

  6. 29:09 Same regarding 54A, not same regarding “easy for a Friday”, at least when comparing completion times :- )

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