4 thoughts on “0522-20 NY Times Crossword 22 May 20, Friday”

  1. 30:00 A few lucky guesses got me to the finish line. I remembered “Yakety Sax” and Rose Royce, but had no idea on the Alec Baldwin clue…I don’t watch TV much.

  2. 13:57, no errors. I vaguely remember “Yakety Sax”, but not “Rose Royce” (which I got because it fit and because it sounded like a pun that someone might perpetrate and a setter might perpetuate 😜). I also had to get “BOP” from crosses – it sounds like an old term repurposed. Otherwise, an uneventful solve.

  3. Wow! I almost gave up on this one several times. Just couldn’t get much of a toe hold (foothold?). Anyway, with nothing much else to do today I plugged away. Proud just to finish. 36:50 with no errors.

  4. 28:13. Amazingly it’s the exact same time to the second (is that redundant?) as yesterday. I doubt I’ve ever done that before. This was one of those “it was easy except when it wasn’t” puzzles.

    Started off quickly but got bogged down by not knowing ROSEROYCE, DONAGHY, YAKETY SAX (although I do remember the music on Benny Hill – great show) and a few others. I survived it all somehow.

    68A I had “moon and sun” before NOONDAYSUN before realizing it wasn’t a plural answer, and it didn’t work. Sometimes the most amusing parts of these puzzles are my own errors in thinking.

    Very happy it’s Memorial Day weekend. I’ve been working a lot of late. I might try some ELIXIR of my own in the form or beer and/or tequila over the holiday.

    Best –

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