0402-19 NY Times Crossword 2 Apr 19, Tuesday

Constructed by: Natasha Lyonne & Deb Amlen
Edited by: Will Shortz

Today’s Reveal Answer(s): Bob Fosse

There is a note with today’s puzzle:

This puzzle is a collaboration by the actress Natasha Lyonne of Netflix’s “Orange Is the New Black” and “Russian Doll,” working together with Deb Amlen, who writes the Times’s daily crossword column, Wordplay (nytimes.com/
column/wordplay). You can read more about the making of today’s puzzle there. This is Deb’s fourth crossword for The Times.

The opening word of today’s themed answers spell out “ALL THAT JAZZ”, which is a semi-autobiographical film co-written and directed by BOB FOSSE:

  • 65A With 66-Across, choreographer whose life is depicted in the starts of 19-, 36- and 50-Across : BOB …
  • 66A See 65-Across : … FOSSE
  • 19A Dressed like “a hundred-dollar millionaire” : ALL FLASH, NO CASH
  • 36A “I think I made a mistake here” : THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT
  • 50A “Add some throw pillows or a pop of color around here, why don’t you!” : JAZZ UP THE PLACE

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Bill’s time: 7m 47s

Bill’s errors: 0

Today’s Wiki-est Amazonian Googlies

As many of this blog’s readers know, I have been in Ireland for the past 6 weeks or so, helping care for my mother. Mom finally passed, very peacefully in her sleep, with her three sons around her bed.

Given the circumstances, I’m just providing a basic post for today. I run a one-man-show here, so I am sure you can understand the short pause in coverage of the daily puzzles. I had hoped to be writing up a full post today, but that just didn’t work out. Mom was always a tough taskmaster, so I’m sure that her spirit will have me back up and running tomorrow.


Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Who says “Speak, hands, for me!” in “Julius Caesar” : CASCA
6 Poehler vortex of funniness? : AMY
9 It might be on one’s radar : BLIP
13 Reward for Fido : TREAT
14 Tiny : WEE
15 Where to enjoy a Goya : PRADO
16 Queen’s domain : REALM
17 N.Y.C. subway overseer : MTA
18 Wanders : ROVES
19 Dressed like “a hundred-dollar millionaire” : ALL FLASH, NO CASH
22 Lo ___ (Chinese noodle dish) : MEIN
23 “Portlandia” airer : IFC
24 Glossy fabric : SATEEN
27 “I’ll pass” : NOT FOR ME
32 “___ bin ein Berliner” : ICH
33 It might have golden locks : DOOR
35 Howe he could invent! : ELIAS
36 “I think I made a mistake here” : THAT CAN’T BE RIGHT
40 “Bedtime for ___” : BONZO
41 Celestial bear : URSA
42 Rage : IRE
43 Downward-Facing Dog, e.g. : YOGA POSE
45 Merchant : TRADER
48 #Me___ : TOO
49 Felt remorse for : RUED
50 “Add some throw pillows or a pop of color around here, why don’t you!” : JAZZ UP THE PLACE
57 Parting words : I QUIT
58 Aah’s partner : OOH!
59 Words on some blood drive stickers : I GAVE
61 Is very fortunate, with “out” : LUCKS
62 Wharton grad : MBA
63 Creature to get down from : EIDER
64 Polynesian carving : TIKI
65 With 66-Across, choreographer whose life is depicted in the starts of 19-, 36- and 50-Across : BOB …
66 See 65-Across : … FOSSE


1 Middle: Abbr. : CTR
2 The “A” in BART : AREA
3 Animal having a ball at the circus? : SEAL
4 1980 Blondie hit : CALL ME
5 Cost of withdrawing, say : ATM FEE
6 “Gee, you’re killin’ me!” : AW MAN!
7 Baseball’s “Amazin’s” : METS
8 When sung three times, what follows “She loves you” : YEAH
9 Vegetable with a head : BROCCOLI
10 Volcano’s spew : LAVA
11 Fateful day for Caesar : IDES
12 Deluxe : POSH
15 Present for acceptance : PROFFER
20 Actress Blair of “The Exorcist” : LINDA
21 It can be picked : NIT
24 Remain idle : SIT BY
25 Sound during hay fever season : ACHOO!
26 Dr. Dre’s “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ ___” : THANG
27 Our, in Orléans : NOTRE
28 Sun, moon and stars : ORBS
29 Unbending : RIGID
30 Phil ___, slalom skiing gold medalist at the 1984 Olympics : MAHRE
31 Fragrant compound : ESTER
34 Cross to bear : ONUS
37 Greek sauce with yogurt and cucumbers : TZATZIKI
38 Bad rationalizations : COP-OUTS
39 Gobble : EAT UP
44 “Alley ___!” : OOP
46 Analgesic’s promise : RELIEF
47 Slow, in music : ADAGIO
49 Where one might kick a habit, informally : REHAB
50 Ghost at the altar? : JILT
51 Here, in Madrid : AQUI
52 Facebook founder’s nickname : ZUCK
53 Taj Mahal, e.g. : TOMB
54 King of the road : HOBO
55 Untrustworthy types : CADS
56 After-work times, in classifieds : EVES
60 “Able was I ___ I saw Elba” : ERE

12 thoughts on “0402-19 NY Times Crossword 2 Apr 19, Tuesday”

  1. 8:05, no errors. Greek food is one of my favorite cuisines and tzatziki sauce is one of my favorite things about it, so, yes, 37D was a gimme.

  2. 10:30 no errors. Tzatziki makes a nice salad dressing. It has been in the puzzle before. Nice collaboration. Russian Doll was very watchable.

  3. Liked this puzzle a lot, virtually all of it: theme, clues, revealer, and fill.

    SW corner, with JILT/I QUIT, was challenging and fun. Helpful crosses there, and #MeTOO clue/answer, helped make for correct spelling of TZATZIKI.

  4. Bummer. Missed one letter at the TZATZIKI/YOGAPOSE cross. I had TZITZIKI/YOGIPOSE. The worst part of it is that I had it all correct and then changed it. As will often happen with foreign languages, syllables will repeat so I thought most likely that would be the case with the Greek sauce. And YOGI would still be just as good of a possibility for the across entry.

    There is a rule on tests that I learned in school. That is that the first answer to pop into one’s head has a much higher probability of being the correct one. The more I work crosswords, the more I think that the same rule applies here.

    1. I tend to agree, @Dale, but I will still check the crosses unless I feel pretty confident about that first answer.

  5. Hello Bill,

    I guess you have discontinued explanations for most answers . I miss that I am a dumkof.

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