0812-23 NY Times Crossword 12 Aug 23, Saturday

Constructed by: Rachel Fabi & Christina Iverson
Edited by: Will Shortz

8 thoughts on “0812-23 NY Times Crossword 12 Aug 23, Saturday”

  1. 28:17 full disclosure: never heard of “nock” before, had the whole grid filled except for the second letter in “nock”, went through all the vowels until getting the music of success.

    Back in olden days, I got round trip airfare from Rochester to Ontario, CA AND an Alamo rental for $245. Put 3,000 miles on the car in 2 weeks. Ahhh, the good ‘ol days…

  2. 14:11, no errors. I’ve heard the word CROMULENT in connection with Bart Simpson, but, since I’ve never watched the program, I wasn’t entirely sure what it meant. COPYPASTA was a logical (and rather amusing) guess, though I got most of it from crosses – an interesting coinage. Good puzzle.

  3. 38:43, 3 squerrors. Just didn’t know them, fair and square.

    Never heard of OUROBOROS, NOCKED, LABNEH, or TARED, nor COPY/PASTA. I went with PASTE. Thought of PASTA but wasn’t sure why the clue for AWL had question mark indicating something cryptic or humorous. I don’t get the joke, guess I’m slow on the uptake.

  4. Well , I’m glad I quit when I did. Got everything but the NW section.

    No way could I work through that Webster teaching point. Even went as far as using MARLBOROS for some divine thinking on 15A.

    Way too many long winded terms that are way out of my wheelhouse.

    Oh well.

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