0811-23 NY Times Crossword 11 Aug 23, Friday

Constructed by: John-Clark Levin
Edited by: Will Shortz

10 thoughts on “0811-23 NY Times Crossword 11 Aug 23, Friday”

  1. 12:52, no errors. Cool puzzle. One of those odd puzzles that, I think, might have seemed a lot harder on a different day.

  2. 19:30, no errors. Pretty straight forward for the most part. SE was by bugaboo. I almost gave up, then it all finally clicked.

  3. 14:31, no errors. Surprisingly quick for a Friday. Would have been quicker except MARINARA fit in 12D.

  4. 33:32, got started off on the wrong foot with “Hey Alexa”. Haven’t had the joy of “OK Google”….yet.

  5. 15:11. Same as Alaska Steve except insert NW for SE.

    “Superman” before PETER PAN.. embarrassingly enough. Hey he flies too.

    HieroGLYPHics finally clicked for me…or as an old English teacher of mine used to say in regards to poor penmanship – one’s lowerglyphics…

    All I’ve ever heard is how great a show LA LAW is/was, yet I’ve never seen a single episode. I wonder what I’m missing out on. Hmm

    Best –

  6. NE corner really held me up.
    POMODORO fell last only because I worked around it.

    I started out with PERIOD for 16A. That didn’t work for anything except TRIBAL. but I started with CRANE for 25A then to WHITE then to WADER.
    Started with AUTO for 30A then to LOOP. I was all over the place with 13D. Why i didnt think of OLIVE OL to begin with?? I even tried ONION OIL once. Finally , everything else fell.

    Enjoyed it immensely!

  7. A good mental workout. Pleased to finish error-free. Maybe 30 minutes. I haven’t posted lately because I’ve been in a slump. Been working Friday and Saturday N Y & L A Times. Finally ran head-on into a Saturday Stumper (8/19/23). YIKES!!

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