0810-23 NY Times Crossword 10 Aug 23, Thursday

Constructed by: Natan Last & the J.A.S.A. Crossword Class
Edited by: Will Shortz

19 thoughts on “0810-23 NY Times Crossword 10 Aug 23, Thursday”

  1. This is not a crossword puzzle
    Can someone not just use the slate as it is meant to be
    Guess your all to lazy to put together a real puzzle

    1. Interesting. Luckily, this time I decided to use the slashes (though, as I say below, I fumbled around a lot while trying to input them on my iPad). At one point in the past, I sent an email to the NYT, complaining about the cavalier ways in which the app treats rebuses (accepting some things and rejecting others) and asking for them to publish a set of guidelines enabling the hapless solver to more accurately predict what might be acceptable. I never got a response. One more reason to do the puzzles on paper, I guess … 🤨.

  2. 28:53, no errors. I fumbled my way through this one in a manner befitting my all-too-senior status and went to bed mumbling to myself … but … I got ‘er done … 🙂.

  3. 25:49, no errors. Same as Dave. I got lucky using the slashes…a real boost to my EGO today. I did struggle a lot with this one finding a foothold. Broke in finally in the SE corner, then SW. I’m just happy to finish.

  4. 35:51, no errors. Glad I didn’t give up on this. As others, wasn’t sure how to make the EGO/ID gimmick work. Just typing EGO into the rebus squares made the NYT App Gods happy.

  5. 24:29. Even when I got the ID/EGO rebus, the rest of the puzzle was challenging enough for me.

    OPIOID/RUBE GOLDBERG was my “aha” moment. I’m sure that says something about me, but I don’t want to think what that might be..

    I “used” a NEST thermostat when I briefly lived in an apartment while house hunting out here in Las Vegas. The complex told me to just connect to the internet to control the NEST thermostat. When I couldn’t access it, it told me I had to get permission from the owner. The apartment complex had no idea how to access it. Sooo I just had to use it as a regular thermostat. Whole experience was a disaster.

    Fun puzzle. The students at J.A.S.A. done good. Just hope they don’t pay attention to that grammar.

    Best –

  6. About 23 minutes when I finally quit trying to figure out how to enter the rebuses (17 minutes probably actually solving?). It turned into a complete and total horror show as rebus puzzles always do. Add the fun fact that my browser actually used the “/” as a command and not a text key within the app, so it bounced the screen around until I figured that out. So just ended up with a real bad recording and real bad experience overall.

  7. Took a little while but I figured it out.

    The first one was OFFICE GOSSIP.

    I did 60A first and it made sense. My EGO was boosted!!!

    Never heard of NEST thermostat but I let the crosses figure that out.

  8. 75:40 clean. The Seattle Times site only highlighted the rebus squares, I guess because I entered EGO rather than ID EGO / ID as in Bill’s answer grid above. I figured from a Freudian standpoint, the idea was that the Ego, i.e. the conscious mind, suppresses the Id hence the Ego is visible and the ID is buried under that.

    Like last week’s Seattle Times Friday, 4 Aug 23 puzzle, this was another two-parter for me .

    Around 7:30pm after almost 75 min., and with just a handful of squares left on the right side of the puzzle, I stopped the recording to start heading out to the athletic centre as is my habit. But as soon as I did that I realized that my answer for “38 A Face of a two-year-old, perhaps” , MOUE, should be POUT and 33 D was STAG. I turned the recording back on re-started the clock right away, and finished the remaining squares in around 43 seconds.

    Part 1 74:57
    Part 2 0:43

      1. 👍 probably Freudians, if there are any left, would say it’s a simplification (they might refer to “sublimation” rather than “suppression”) but that was how I decided whether to put ego or id to make the puzzle’s theme make sense. It didn’t occur to me to put both. In a civilized society, the ego is supposed to win out and the Id kept under wraps, if you believe the Freudian model. Personally, though Freudianism gets poohed-poohed nowadays, I don’t think it’s so easy to dismiss the Ego-Id thing as a theory.

  9. Whew! It would be wonderful to hear only people’s comments about the puzzle. Bill puts too much work into this to hear about your problems doing it on line. What do your excuses have to do with the puzzle at hand? Please, it’s not about you.

  10. In my paper (Long Beach Press-Telegram) the “rebus” squares were not identified in any way.

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