0813-23 NY Times Crossword 13 Aug 23, Sunday

Constructed by: Manaal Mohammed
Edited by: Will Shortz

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  1. BMI = body mass (in kilograms) ÷ body height² (in meters²)
    BMI is used to categorize a person as underweight, normal weight, overweight, or obese.

  2. 41:51, no errors. A perplexing, punny pasta puzzle.
    Hesitant to enter 86D, since BMI is, technically, not a measurement but a calculated ratio of two measurements. (I know…picky, picky, picky).

  3. The last letter I put in was a guess (the “G” of “GAH” and “GOBANG”) at which point I got the dreaded “almost there” message. After much searching (of my soul as well as the puzzle, and with the timer ticking away all the while … 😳), I realized that perhaps the “M” of “MOTEL RATE” and “UMH” should have been an “H”, giving “HOTEL RATE” and “UHH”, so I changed it and the timer then gave me a completion time of 31:09. (And, now that I have told you exactly what happened, @Nick and @Glenn will no doubt, in time, tell you how I should have reported it … 😜.)

    1. “searching of my soul as well as the puzzle..” That’s called a zeugma. That would be a nasty word to use in crossword puzzle.

      Let’s put in a way that the logic is inescapable:

      1. If you had got the success jingle at the moment you entered the ‘g’, you would have called that ‘no errors’ i.e ‘0 errors”.
      2. Therefore, since you had an error on the grid at the same moment as you would have declared ‘0 errors’ how is that not ‘1 error’?

      You’re engaging in a double standard by calling it ‘0 errors’ if you ‘win’, but not declaring ‘n errors’ if the number of errors, at the identical moment you would declare ‘0 errors,’ is more than 0.

      1. @Nick …

        Did I not clearly acknowledge that I made an error? Did I not clearly state exactly what happened? I contend that I must have; otherwise, you would not be able to take issue with my post.

        I do understand your point: I did not add “1 squerror” to the summary of my results. Shame on me. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. But, since I feel that searching for, finding, and correcting my occasional errors (given the minimal aid provided by the “almost there” message) is of value to me, I’ll probably continue to report my errors in the way that I choose … 🧐. Again, I refuse to view what we do here as a “pissing contest”, but as an individual learning experience.

        And, yes, “zeugma” is an interesting word. (It’s also the name of an ancient Turkish city. Who knew? … 🙂)

        1. You placed the chip on your shoulder and dared me to knock it off. You do seem to have a chip on your shoulder. Some time ago I criticized look-ups as cheats, and that set you off. I was just minding my own business til then.

          All I’m saying, since you brought up the topic again, is you’re quantifying your errors only if they are 0. That’s a double standard. But it’s no skin off my ass if you do it. Go ahead.

          I’m not going to get into psychoananalysing why you have that tic. Maybe you’re a perfectionist. I don’t know, and I don’t wanna know.

          I don’t buy the “learning” thing. You could declare the number of errors and still hunt them down. Also, if it were really about the intrinsic value of learning you could just read a lot of books. The puzzle is a kind of game or contest even if just with yourself.

          1. The “learning” I’m talking about here has to do with getting better at detecting and avoiding questionable entries as I use the NYT app, so as to avoid getting the “almost there” message. (Except when I’m traveling, I print copies of all the other puzzles that I do and work them on paper, where all my years of practice have given me a well-honed set of techniques for the task.)

            And, again, I do quantify my errors. In this case, for example, I stated exactly what the error was and what had to be done to correct it.

  4. Sometimes the play-on-words theme gets a bit tiresome but today it was kind of fun. No errors and easy on the ol’ noodle.

  5. 68:20, 3 squerrors:
    SHOEGA(Z)E/SU(Z)EORMAN, (G)AH/(G)OBANG and TO(R)O sushi tuna, all esoteric to me. For the O’Henry cross on TORO I had iconic instead of ironic.

    I started to nod off less than halfway through and stopped the clock to catch a few winks. I can see by the system time I left off at 7:21 and resumed at 7:48 so I was out 27 minutes.

    Part 128:00
    Part 2 40:20

  6. Almost finished with no errors.
    Like @davek – missed GOBANG. Then messed up on IRONIC. Went with ICONIC.

    That means I messed up TORO.

    enjoyed it!

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