12 thoughts on “0125-24 NY Times Crossword 25 Jan 24, Thursday”

  1. 32:04, no errors. Seemed like a Saturday to me. Lots of fits and starts. I got BOHEMIANRHAPSODY as my first “mercury.” WNBAFINALS gave me tons of trouble. All in all, I was just happy to finish without errors.

  2. 22:03, no errors. Most difficulty with the SW corner. TROUNCED fit immediately. THUMPED and TRASHED didn’t have enough letters.

  3. 26:13. Felt even longer. Really struggled throughout this one for whatever reason.

    I kept wanting to enter “stones” for “Curling targets”, as in the sport of curling. Saw BICEPS via crosses and felt sufficiently foolish.

    There is a metal alloy that can be both liquid and solid at room temperature and can morph into any shape. I saw it in “Terminator 2”, but I don’t think it’s actually been invented yet…

    HERSTORY? I think we should start saying “Look over tHISe” instead of “Look over tHERe” to even out how much we’ve been using the word “tHERe”.

    Best –

  4. 58:40 I couldn’t bring myself to accept the “w” and the “n” together so I kept changing one or the other “down” answers. Finally after filling in a few other “down” answers I had to accept it. I kept thinking about a Mercury car or even a boat motor, but not being a sports junkie, basketball was not on my radar

  5. Tough one. Lots of didn’t knows but…. I made an error on 27D and 40A. Put in GAWP and left me with ECHECP?

    don’t know what an ECHECK is but I suppose it’s some kind of electronic deposit of a check??? Not sure how that works but it must be a thing now.

    1. An abstract is a summary of results in some reports so a reader can get the gist of the document without having to wade through the details.

  6. The first thing I “got” was FORDMOTORCOMPANY for 55 across.
    Several crosses meshed nicely with it. So it took a long time to
    let that go and start over.

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