11 thoughts on “0607-23 NY Times Crossword 7 Jun 23, Wednesday”

  1. 9:52, no errors. A very clever and enjoyable theme that was perhaps especially meaningful to me, as I recently spent twelve days on a cruise ship. (Thankfully, nothing untoward came of the experience … 😜.)

  2. Well, I must have been marooned on the Island of D’oh. My brain was feeble today. 20:58…but at least, no errors.

  3. 9:29. Didn’t know what a CLUB steak is. I guess it’s the strip part of a T-bone – i.e. a T-bone without the loin… without the best part so no wonder I never bothered to learn what it is.

    Chance of rain (???)here in Las Vegas today. Not used to cloudy days. It makes me grouchy.

    Best –

  4. 15:21, Rain in Vegas? Jeff, hold my beer. Canadian wildfire smoke has us Western New Yorkers coughing like crazy and everything smells like a house in the neighborhood burned down. We can be grouchy a couple time zones apart :- )

  5. 6:30, no errors. Definitely cloudy-minded a bit while solving this one.

    As far as the comments from yesterday, I’ve noted a few times before on these blogs the issues you can have. My peeve primarily is knowing how the app responds to certain inputs so you can move around the grid the way you want. It seems that’s always different for each one you encounter. Not to mention, the app not exactly being responsive at all (what I was getting Monday), so I end up double or triple tapping keys and ending up somewhere in the grid I didn’t want to be. You can say much about advantages/disadvantages of paper versus app, but I never have to doubt where my pencil ends up…though I type much faster than I write.

    1. @Glenn – what you’re describing as “app not exactly being responsive at all” is normally referred to as “lag.”

      I’m an IT guy and I wish I could give you concrete steps to follow, but I’ve hit it occasionally and can’t find a sure-fire method to overcome it.

      Stuff that works (sometimes):
      – Slow Internet connection. Shouldn’t affect you too much once the puzzle is loaded, as it then doesn’t interact with your browser.
      – Be sure to re-boot every day.
      – Close and then re-open your browser.
      – Try a different browser.
      – If you’re mainly having trubs with Seattle Times it’s their interface – it’s among the worst.

      These are more technical:
      – Start windows Task Manager. With this, you can see what’s “eating cpu or memory”. Google it, it’s too much to list here.

      What version of Windows are you running?
      How old is your computer?
      How much memory do you have?
      Do you have trouble with LA Times (you really shouldn’t, as I’ve found it to be the “best behaved” of all of them)? If you do you probably have some IT issues.

      Good luck,
      lou lu
      p.s.: Loved your “pencil” comment!

  6. Done, but in less than stellar time.
    Wasn’t sure where it was going for a while. Some of the foreign crosses made me “think”! That’s tougher in the evening.

  7. No errors…a little much for a Wednesday but that’s typical with 2 setters.
    Stay safe😀

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