8 thoughts on “0411-23 NY Times Crossword 11 Apr 23, Tuesday”

  1. 13:34, no errors. Lost time going through the vowel progression to find the correct entry for THE _C. Eventually realized that my error was entering BOLT cola instead of JOLT.
    Anyone beside Bill get the theme? Totally invisible to me.

  2. 10:42. When doing early week puzzles, if the theme doesn’t jump out at me I tend to pay no attention to it. This was no exception, but in retrospect I wish I had. It would have been fun to try to suss this theme out.

    I had no idea JOLT cola still exists. I remember it from my college days. MONDEGREEN was totally new to me.

    Best –

  3. 12:13 after finding and fixing a fat-fingering typo and, like others, I spaced the theme, though I remember noticing that all three theme answers stretched from one edge of the grid to the other and, at the end, thinking the edges might be the “coasts” referred to in the revealer. (In my own defense, I would point out that I did the puzzle last night and was feeling a bit shell-shocked after tangling with the New Yorker puzzle, which was a doozy … 😳.)

    Sunday’s Ross Trudeau puzzle turned out to be a hoax (or joke, to use a nicer word 🙂). Ross was pretending (rather successfully, as it turns out, given that he convinced a lot of people) to have “coaxed” ChatGPT into creating it. After doing it, I speculated that much of the resulting puzzle reflected his input and wrote a post expressing interest in seeing a transcript of the dialog, but, in fact, no AI was involved at all. So, the puzzle is certainly worth doing, but it sheds no light on the growing capabilities of AI. (I was curious about this because of an interaction I had with the new Bing, during which I tried to make it create a crossword puzzle and walked away thinking that it was utterly brain-damaged.)

  4. Got the theme okay… but like a good Chen twist, he got me in the crosses.

    BOLA instead of BELA


    BODI instead of JODI

    BOLT instead of JOLT

    1. I have to agree with you, AnonDS. I actually got everything correct but I have no respect for these two setters.

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