12 thoughts on “1204-21 NY Times Crossword 4 Dec 21, Saturday”

  1. 32:43. Just like yesterday, the problem seemed to be those empty squares, and there were a lot of them in this grid. I did have “hand” before HOOF, but generally not a lot of missteps for me; I was just slow.

    Toughest Friday/Saturday puzzle weekend in a while.

    Best –

  2. 10:01. This one went a lot easier for me than yesterday’s. Started in the NW and worked my way around counterclockwise.

  3. 23:41, no errors. For me, harder than yesterday’s … 🙂. For some reason, at the end, I stared at “CHEF’S KISS” for about a minute, wondering what the heck it meant … but, finally, the lights came on upstairs … duh! (It didn’t help that a certain “Korean urban legend” was totally … um … foreign to me 😜. Gotta look that up.)

      1. 19:32. Started fast and stalled out in NW and SW. Finally finished after 2 lookups opened up those areas. CHEF’SKISS and ELLEWOODS. Oh, well…😃

  4. 25:47. Found this much easier than yesterday, tho unfamiliar with 1A and 38D (I made the same crossing error with ETS as @Bill did). At first I thought Verne would be the “Father of Science Fiction”. Didn’t’ understand DIA until @Bill’s explanation of Mayo being Spanish for May (that cinco holiday for mayonnaise). Also started out with NOPET for 61A.

  5. 48:36, with one “text a daughter” look up to get Elle Woods…somehow I knew that she’d know…

    I agree with Jeff, this was a tough Friday/Saturday combo…now on to Sunday!

  6. 18:14, no errors. Sad I have to keep saying this every Saturday, but … it’s amazing what a difference real cluing makes on these.

  7. 20:27, no errors. Several rabbit holes: 4D WOK before FAN; 33A DAB before DIA; 47D DROLL before DRYLY. Just blindly accepted ETS in 44A. Also thought 29A would be VERNE instead of WELLS, but not enough to enter any letters.

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