15 thoughts on “1019-23 NY Times Crossword 19 Oct 23, Thursday”

  1. 18:54, no errors. Very clever creation that’s going on my Puzzle Wall Of Fame. It was a bit painful dealing with all those rebuses in the app. Also, one of the downloadable PDFs on the NYT web site speaks of italicized clues, but … in that version … they aren’t! (I discovered this while creating my own “.puz” version as part of the PWOF process.)

  2. 27:39 . A bit tedious as I’m just starting back with crosswords…AGAIN. I think I’m up to 40 or so I’ve missed since the beginning of August.

    Took me forever to get LONG U. Duh. Rookie mistake. Had to get AEOLUS by crosses.

    Impressive construction I must say.

    Best –

    1. This did not make sense to me as I do these on my iPhone and it will not allow me to put two letters in one box. Very disappointed ☹️

    1. Again eh? I didn’t have a problem with the rebuses.
      37:36 clean including a keyboard malfunction at start.
      I wasn’t impressed with this puzzle as a puzzle consumer. It didn’t have much going for it except the gimmick. Around the 27 minute mark of the game clock I can be heard saying out loud, “Stupid puzzle,” and I normally have nothing to say out loud on the recordings.

      I was gonna wait and batch Mon. – Sat. in one upload but I felt like complaining about this one hence today’s post; that’s part of the fun.

      I batched and posted Mon. – Thurs . Results to date for the week for Sun- Thurs. posted on thumbnail. Good week so far, only 3 errors in total, but could always go downhill with Fri./Sat.

    2. Just some notes on how this solved for me. I knew very quickly going in that there were rebuses in play, but didn’t know how they would present themselves until about 11 minutes in when I saw the revealer and just started pumping in those entries when I found them. Notably knowing which ones were italic would have helped tremendously, and I do consider my time handicapped not seeing that. (Special formatting is always an issue with the New York Times.) I keep saying to myself that I need to look for revealers before I take off on these, but it’s a hard habit to break to start with 1A and go.

  3. I got the theme without knowing which clues were italicized.

    I’d say I finished 70% with no errors. Then I just stopped. Got tired trying to associate the variations .

    I got it. I made it far enough. With no help. So I still like the puzzle.

  4. There were no italicized clues in the electronic version I did. Several answers seemed one box short. I’m one of “those people” who likes rebus puzzles, but not knowing which clues were italicized added an extra layer of difficulty. It turned what would’ve been a fun, rather easy puzzle into a tedious puzzle.

    I’m thankful that I get to do the NY Times crossword daily. Here’s to hoping that, in the near future, the websites that post electronic versions of the puzzles can capture all the nuances in the print version.

  5. My print version had no italicized clues which made it difficult to get traction. Eventually got it done clean after some square-shifting to get the doubles in the proper spots. Impressive construction.

  6. Realize this is too late for anyone to see, but have to say that I don’t think the u in “prune” is long. That would be the u in “tube” or “cute.”

  7. As usual the one I don’t understand is not explained.
    How is “Go it alone” “Ditch assistance”?

  8. My printed version in the Long Beach Press-Telegram also
    had no italicized clues. I thought that made the puzzle more interesting.

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