4 thoughts on “0830-09 New York Times Crossword Answers 30 Aug 09”

  1. Hi there, "anonymous".

    I put MASK in here for "Halloween purchase" at first, but then came up with EGGS from the down clues. It seemed a strange answer to me, so I checked after I had finished the puzzle and discovered two new uses for eggs! Some people make deviled eggs on Halloween, dropping an olive slice in the middle so that the whole thing resembles an eyeball (!) Also, a lot of people decorate eggs just as they would do at Easter, but with Halloween themes. Personally, I've never come across either, but it's apparently done.

    Thanks for dropping by and asking a very valid question!

  2. At least in the midwest eggs used to be the purchase of choice at halloween for teens that chose to egg cars and houses as the "trick" part of trick or treat. Even with that I thought it was an odd choice.

  3. Hi wineanddine (nice name!)

    I have some dried egg in between the boards that make up the siding on my house, the remnants of an "egging" of our house one time. Maybe it was Halloween …

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