0816-23 NY Times Crossword 16 Aug 23, Wednesday

Constructed by: Mangesh Ghogre & Brendan Emmett Quigley
Edited by: Will Shortz

10 thoughts on “0816-23 NY Times Crossword 16 Aug 23, Wednesday”

  1. 15:53. I actually put tHe JAHAN (sounded good to me…) instead of SHAH JAHAN. I don’t know if that should be reported as 2 squares wrong or 3 words wrong. Now that I realize just how CRUCIAL it is to get reporting deadly accurate, I’ll defer to my attorneys just to make sure I’m covered.

    I’ve been to the FJORDs, and they are an amazing site. Worth the trip if you ever get the chance.

    Recently bought an Oura ring which shoots out data on calories burned, heart rate, and sleep data among other things. It was eye opening in my case – especially in terms of the amount of REM and deep sleep I was getting. I tend to alternate getting a lot of one or the other every other night. Learned how sleep is affected by alcohol (ouch) and a slew of other stuff. Pretty cool little device.

    Best –

  2. I am having trouble finding the syndicated puzzle. Seems like Bill’s link near the top isn’t working right. Help!

    1. This may be too late to be of help, but … if you click on the little three-line icon in the upper-right corner of this page, you will find a link to the syndicated puzzle. Or, you can use the calendar to go back to the puzzle of July 13 (five weeks ago).

  3. Yeck. Got stymied in the mid-west, at the top of the western minaret, and had 8 blank squares there when I hit the evil eye.

    Lucky guesses at CESAR and EARL but just plain did not know COTE, SHAH JAHAN, JOEY , and CLAUDIO.

    It’s gonna sound like sour grapes, but I think this puzzle sacrificed a lot for the architectural gimmick; for one thing, the abundance of uninteresting 3-4 letter answers, such as TRAD (abbr. for ‘traditional’, which I find kind of lame). squeezed around the edges of the monstrosity in the middle.

    Anyway FWIW I’ve posted the 33 min. recording of the attempt from start to finish.

    1. The other thing about this one is each quadrant is almost completely walled off from the others except for a bit of daylight, and the middle is almost a self-contained separate puzzle. If you rely a lot on crosses to get the more abstruse answers, as I know do, this puzzle was a challenge. Yet, at the same time, there were also inane ones like ooh and omg on the narrow edges, which seemed like merely perfunctory fillers necessitated by the grid design. I’m usually able to use crosses to at least complete the grid, even if with errors, but this is the first one since posting here where I conceded with blank squares. It’s because of the walls . There was no daylight from neighbouring squares to elucidate the opaque mid-west section and there was no hope of escape, like being trapped in a dungeon, so there was nothing left to do but concede.

  4. Same as @nick.
    Middle west did me in.

    Plus I didn’t the monument builder.
    Went with TRIS instead of TRAD
    ELEM instead of ELHI
    so the builder was SHIE JAHAS.

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