4 thoughts on “0910-09 New York Times Crossword Answers 10 Sep 09”

  1. Who's the idiot that concocted this type of puzzle & didn't put even a HINT that some clues would 2 or 3 letters in one block?!? Not only does this appear lazy, but stupid & ridiculous. Often people make mistakes & we almost abandoned the puzzle thinking that that is what happened. If you're gonna do this….give us a heads up! Jerk.

  2. Donna,

    I was just talking to someone about the same issue via email.

    More often than not there is no warning or hint when multiple letter blocks are included in a NYTimes puzzle. I don't get too phased by it though. I usually find that if I am doing really badly at a puzzle, then I need to consider that there's a multiple-letter trick that I am missing. Then I look at the puzzle differently, and usually it opens up for me.

  3. Your complaint about the lack of multiple letter capability in the online app is a common one. With so many complaints, I have to believe that some is working on it.

    I just bought myelf a Kindle Fire HD, and I have yet to work out how to get that app to work the Amazon/Google operating system.

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